Nikki Reedy

Accountant/Human Resources

North Shore Railroad  Company & Affiliates

Nikki began her career at North shore Railroad Company in 2004 in Customer Service.  She made the transition over to Accounting in 2007 and has loved it ever since.  North Shore Railroad and Affiliates are comprised of the Juniata Valley Railroad Company, Lycoming Valley Railroad Company, Nittany & Bald Eagle Valley Railroad Company, Shamokin Valley Railroad Company, Union County Industrial Railroad Company, Rail Scavengers, Inc., and of course North Shore Railroad Company. 

Nikki is tasked with processing payroll, taxes, auditing of records, accounts receivables, collections, miscellaneous invoicing, leasing payments, and employee benefits.

Nikki has a background in organizing events and has utilized this skill for the railroad in also being in charge of planning and implementing the Company's annual Knoebels picnic and Christmas Party.  Periodically, she has the pleasure of hosting the VIP, Veterans or Customer events on the Railroad's passenger equipment and again she is the main organizer. All of this made her a shoe in to help plan, organize and design the 2015 & 2017 Eastern Regional Signal Crossing Safety Seminar/Conference.  Nikki is a Greater Susquehanna Valley Leadership graduate in 2017 and has put her skills to great use.

Nikki has been married to Troy for 22 years and has two sons, Caleb and Colby.  they all currently reside in Lewisburg, PA.