FRA Grade Crossing Research Program

Sam Alibrahim, P.E.

Spotted Lantern Fly in Pennsylvania

PA Department of Agriculture

Railroad Considerations for the Future Connected & Automated Vehicle Environment

Curtis Morgan

Humped Crossings Handbook Update

Frank Frey, FRA

Kelly Morton, FHWA

Debra Chapell, FRA


FRA Web-Based Benefit Analysis Tool

Axle Counter Based Grade Crossing Warning Systems


Accident Analysis for Railroad Grade Crossings

Dr. Rahim F. Benekohal

Survey of Railway Crossing Research @ Michigan Tech

Pasi Lautala, PhD, PE

MUTCD Updates

Rick Campbell

Quiet Zones

Debra Chappell

Smart Management of Infrastructure


Dr. Fernando Moreu, PE

Railroad Preemption

Karen Hankinson, PE

Rutgers Rail Education and Research


Xiang Liu, Ph.D.

Rails with Trails: Lessons Learned

Frank Frey, FRA

Shari Schaftlein, FHWA

Using ITS Radar in Rail Applications

Tom Hilleary

Section 130 Program Overview

Kelly Morton, FHWA

Operation Lifesaver and its Mission

Rachel Maleh

FHWA Section 130 Evaluation

Impact of Program Requirements

Volpe Center

Highway-Railroad Crossing Safety Action Plan- Oregon

Roseann O'Laughlin

TTI Connected & Automated Vehicle Research - Advancing the Tchnology

Jeffery E. Warner

Rail Transportation Engineering 

Penn State - Altoona

Steve Dillen

Bryan Schlake

TTI Connected & Automated Vehicle Research - Interfaces with Rail

Jeffery E. Warner

Risk-Based Models & Grade Crossing Inventory Issues

James Dahlem

Lindsay-Peters Dawson

Jill Henry

Ric Cruz

Bill Shrewsberry

Shawn Luke

Melinda DuBay