The North Shore Railroad System is comprised of the Juniata Valley Railroad Company, the Lycoming Valley Railroad Company, the Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad Company, the North Shore Railroad Company, Shamokin Valley Railroad Company, and the Union County Industrial Railroad Company.

Thomas M. Avery

Director of Operations

North Shore Railroad Company & Affiliates

In 1973, Tom received a degree in Civil Construction from Lehigh County College and spent the next twenty-five years in the construction/general contractor business.  He became a railroader in 1998 as a Brakeman for the North Shore Railroad Company.

Tom continued his career and a became qualified Engineer for the railroad.  With that under his belt in 2000, he became trained as a Signal Maintainer for the entire North Shore System. Tom was appointed Manager of the Communications and Signals Department in 2003.  As the NSHR system grew and employees increased, the position of Manager of Manpower was added to Tom's duties. In 2008, Tom was promoted to Director of Operations with oversight of the Signal Department and has been instrumental in the daily operations across the NSHR system.  Tom provides leadership to other managers around the system, promotes customer service, attention to detail, and promotes  a safety culture.  He also sets guidelines for recruitment, evaluation,and advancement  of employees.

Tom also interacts and maintains excellent relationships with NSHR's Class I partners, as well as other outside stakeholders.  Tom is integral in customer planning, project development, property issue resolution, and serves on the NSHR Board of Directors.

Tom has had the opportunity to plan, host and design the 2015 and 2017 Eastern Region Crossing Safety Seminar/Conference in Central Pennsylvania.  When Tom in not knee deep in Trains or signals, he is an active member of his church and volunteers with Meals on Wheels for seniors.

Tom resides with his wife, Rita, in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.